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South Florida Gospel Music Awards (SFGMA)

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The South Florida Gospel Music Awards (SFGMA) has been celebrating the unsung heroes of the Gospel community since 2004. Founded by the late Peppi Hendrix, his dream was to give a platform to small scale Gospel singers whom, although extraordinarily talented, have rarely received a larger audience than their local church. 

After Hendrix’s tragic passing in 2018, Lynn Brown, President of the Broward Alliance Of Gospel Music Professionals, took it upon herself to continue his legacy and great work in supporting and recognizing the incredible talent of the gospel artists of South Florida. 

The nominees and participants of the SFGMA include hundreds of local Gospel artists and other church leaders. Through the annual event and award ceremony, gospel enthusiasts and rising stars perform on a large scale, gain recognition for the joy they bring to their local as well as larger communities and get the opportunity to share experiences and tips with more established gospel singers who have been working in the music industry. 

The community of singers and preachers that the SFGMA creates is what inspires the organization to continue its work. With the ultimate goal to bring these artists to a national level and give them the possibility to travel across America with their music SFGMA is celebrating and supporting these powerful artists that bring their audience joy yet evoke tear-jerking emotions through their music every day. 

“I encourage everyone to attend to celebrate the music one loves, to support the local Gospel singers, and to invite the non-churchgoing community to come out and enjoy our music,” Lynn Brown, CEO of SFGMA.

SFGMA’s mission is to nurture talent, provide opportunity and preserve African American heritage. Gospel music has often been deemed as the inspiration for many other genres in music, however, it rarely receives the deserved spotlight. SFGMA is aiming to change that - one award ceremony and event at a time. 

Whether you’re a singer or simply a lover of music, the SFGMA is at the core of the South Florida music scene. Keep up to date with their pool of talented artists and watch as they rise up in the gospel world. The state of Florida has some of the most talented Gospel artists in the country and that hot spot for talent keeps on growing with the support SFGMA. Say something interesting about your business here.

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